Wills & Probate

Kathryn Purkis analyses the transfer of trusteeship & what it means for the survival of a lien
27/4/2018 | Kathryn Purkis
Are unconventional methods of will making about to become our everyday reality? Monika Byrska considers the options
19/1/2018 | Monika Byrska
It’s a family affair: Constance McDonnell presents a review of key contentious probate cases
19/1/2018 | Constance McDonnell
Paola Fudakowska & Henrietta Mason return with an update on family rifts, mistakes & undue influence
17/11/2017 | Paola Fudakowska, Henrietta Mason
The Law Society has backed Law Commission proposals to enable courts to give effect to a will even if the formalities have not been followed.