Extra time

Swaps mis-selling litigation is not over yet, says David Pope

No second helpings

Lehna Hewitt examines the court’s approach to financial provision following an...

A devastating momentum

Jon Robins examines the rolling impact of the legal aid cuts


Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

There was no surprise for readers of The Telegraph in leaked...

Andrea Leadsom
Economic secretary

The Insurance Bill introduced to Parliament last week updates...
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Family mediation services are in decline & in need of urgent reform, says Graham Lyons
31/7/2014 | Graham Lyons | Read more
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The elements of harassment have been re-emphasised, observes Mark Whitcombe
1/8/2014 | Mark Whitcombe | Read more
By Dan Bunting “Fuck off and die you worthless piece of crap” “you are a silly cunt … your mothers a wog and your dad is a rapist! Bonjour you scruffy northern cunt!”. Not my words, but what is...
How could a “yes” vote affect Scotland’s position within the EU? This is a controversial point. Scotland is not currently a member of the EU in its own right. It would therefore have to become a...