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Costs lawyers are in demand following the Jackson shake-up, but there is no...

TUPE turbulence

John McMullen provides a round-up of recent TUPE case law

Magna Carta lives!

Geoffrey Bindman QC tells the story of the Magna Carta & urges the...


Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

Three stories at the cutting edge of legal developments this...

Peter Thompson QC
Queen's Counsel

Denying a litigant access to a lawyer is to deny him access to...
James Maloney considers the pros & cons of charitable incorporated organisations
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How could immigration law be affected by an independent Scotland? Immigration law could be significantly changed in an independent Scotland. The UK government has a published intention to reduce net...
How could employment law be affected by an independent Scotland? Aside from the need to monitor and assess changes in legislation and update and advise clients accordingly, which is routine for...