Compare & contrast (Pt 1)

Chris Pamplin explains why new guidance should be required reading for all...

Calls for a costs revolution

The family law profession faced judicial castigation in a recent case, as Laura...

Time to act

The government must support the reform of cohabitation law, says Graeme Fraser


Kerry Underwood

The legal New Year feels like 1939, waiting for an inevitable...

Graeme Fraser

The House of Lords’ debate on Lord Marks’s Cohabitation Rights...
Can an equitable interest in a house take priority over a legal charge? Nicholas Asprey reports
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© IStockphoto/Gabriele Tamborrelli
Is there a claim for the vehicle’s diminution; if so, with what limits? Stewart Fairhurst reports
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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has given a preliminary ruling on assigning jurisdiction to a specialist court to consider a child abduction case even though another court in the same member...
Is a lack of legal representation in family cases increasing the likelihood of procedural errors going unnoticed? The judgment in Re P (A Child) suggests that there is a pressing need for change by...