An own e-goal?

Chris Bryden & Michael Salter explain why common sense trumps policy in...

Winners & losers

Andrew Butler assesses the impact of Lawrence —one year on

Time to reflect?

David Burrows unravels Wyatt v Vince


Jon Robins
NLJ columnist

“What would a progressive government need to do, to ensure...

David Burrows
NLJ columnist

The issue at the centre of Wyatt v Vince [2015] UKSC 14 (on...
The main opportunities for keeping arbitration costs down lie within three core areas, explains James Barrett
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Geoffrey Bindman salutes the life & work of Edwin Cameron
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by Felicity Gerry QC In the UK some women choose to have their clitoris pierced to enhance their sexual pleasure. Recent headlines in the UK announced that vaginal piercings are now being classed as...
by Seamus Burns The House of Lords recently voted on mitochondrial donation (with 280 peers voting in favour and 48 being opposed to it). This signals the green light for the ethically controversial...