The choice is yours

Steve Hynes examines the policies political parties are offering the electorate...

Strange but true

Dominic Regan places judges on the naughty step

Pushing boundaries?

Warren Collins explores the legal implications of medical deterioration in...


Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

The bulk of the cuts to legal aid are likely to remain. Public...

Steve Hynes

Through a combination of scope and fee cuts around £600m-£700m...
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When does a contractual retainer arise & when does legal advice privilege apply, asks David Burrows
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Laura Tweedy examines the changing scope of private sector licensing
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by Michelle Heeley Operation Elveden was prompted by the Leveson Inquiry – evidence heard at the Inquiry suggested there was a culture of tabloid newspapers paying public officials for stories. At a...
by Judi John 2015 is the 800th anniversary of English law’s most momentous landmark – the signing of Magna Carta. For the first time, the king’s absolute rule was limited and the first step taken...