Could do better

Jon Robins takes issue with the corporate aspect of the largely well-...

Unclear & present danger

Michael Young asks, are we divided by a common language?

No through road

Nicholas Bevan explains why Delaney is a game changer


Steve Hynes

Through a combination of scope and fee cuts around £600m-£700m...

David Greene
NLJ consultant editor

Will the forthcoming election and the changes that are bound to...
Ian Smith reviews the employment law landscape in the run-up to the election
17/4/2015 | Ian Smith | Read more
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The latest developments in property cohabitation cases: where are we now, asks Frances Ratcliffe
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by Lyndon Harris Much has been written about the criminal courts charge – a new mandatory financial charge incurred by convicted defendants (after a trial or entering a guilty plea) and unsuccessful...
The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for new orders to curb sexual predators, stating that  the next government should introduce a new type of banning order to stop those suspected of...