Firm answer

Employers do not owe a duty to make reasonable adjustments for persons who are...

Foreign dangers

Henry Morton Jack discusses fatal accidents abroad

Policing the internet

Tim Lawson-Cruttenden examines the legal framework available to protect the...


Andrea Leadsom
Economic secretary

The Insurance Bill introduced to Parliament last week updates...

Jon Robins
NLJ columnist

Over a year since the implementation of the legal aid cuts, and...
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Ian Smith considers the latest employment law developments
25/7/2014 | Ian Smith | Read more
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Lehna Hewitt examines the court’s approach to financial provision following an overseas divorce
25/7/2014 | Lehna Hewitt | Read more
What is the background to this case? The appellant is a British national who was convicted of drug trafficking offences in Indonesia and sentenced to death. She is currently awaiting execution in...
By Alexander Ruck Keene Almost unnoticed in England, the first part of a new draft Mental Capacity Bill has recently been published in Northern Ireland (out for consultation until 2 September 2014),...