Taxing matters

Peter Vaines explores the ins and outs of non-residents capital gains tax

No ifs, no buts

Cost pressures & solicitors’ negligence are no excuse for cutting corners,...

Scotland the brave

Roger Smith admires the legal aid administration north of the border


Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

Edinburgh was looking particularly gorgeous during the biennial...

Tom Cross

What the Bill seeks to do There are three main aspects to the...
House held in someone's hands
Thomas Braithwaite follows the use of personal claims in support of proprietary rights
3/7/2015 | Thomas Braithwaite | Read more
Charles Pigott explains how Christian bakers came unstuck over a “gay cake”
3/7/2015 | Charles Pigott | Read more
by Lise Smit Since the adoption of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in 2011, human rights due diligence requirements are progressively finding their way into hard law, for...
by Alexander Ruck Keene In Re PA, PB and PC [2015] EWCOP 38, Baker J has conducted a detailed analysis of the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection to recognise and enforce foreign protective...