Tough times

Jon Robins reports on the latest clashes surrounding the LASPO cutbacks

Holiday pay hell?

What does Bear Scotland mean for employers, asks Sarah Johnson

Building blocks

How can the best result in mediation be achieved for all parties, asks John...


Claire Green
Costs lawyer

With the courts preparing for a £350m cash injection over the...

Jon Holbrook

Writing in The Guardian Simon Jenkins observed how issues of...
David Johnson & Rebecca Blythe examine the ever growing phenomena of chronic pain claims & the challenges that they throw up for insurance litigators
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Ian Smith signs off for the year reviewing recent employment law decisions
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By Lyndon Harris Recently Louis Blom-Cooper QC and Professor Sean McConville (QMUL) proposed that the next government set up a royal commission on prison policy. Calling the present system “...
By Paul Caddy Type the words “have human rights …” into Google and it automatically suggests “… gone too far[?]”. This isn’t a surprise: for many people human rights, as set out in the Human Rights...