Calls for a costs revolution

The family law profession faced judicial castigation in a recent case, as Laura...

Time to act

The government must support the reform of cohabitation law, says Graeme Fraser

Compare & contrast (Pt 1)

Chris Pamplin explains why new guidance should be required reading for all...

At the heart of the Magna Carta was the concept that there...

Kerry Underwood

The legal New Year feels like 1939, waiting for an inevitable...
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Ian Smith addresses discrimination & considers a cautionary tale for employees
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David Spencer & Alistair Kinley assess the government’s attempt to legislate for the fundamentally dishonest
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By Lyndon Harris Today, Justice Minister Simon Hughes spoke on BBC Radio 5Live about the often thorny issue of female offenders and the way in which the Criminal Justice System (CJS) treats them. He...
The judgment in SR v RS demonstrates that parties cannot, in the face of reasonable offers to settle, continue to litigate matters indefinitely without the spectre of cost sanctions.   Original news...