A costly clash

Chris Pamplin looks at a case where the Legal Aid Agency thought it could...

Meet & cheat

Jonathan Herring reveals a case that illustrates that cheats never prosper

Time to get smart(er)

Can artificial intelligence ease legal aid pressure points? Greg Wildisen puts...


Greg Wildisen
International managing director

Legal aid was introduced in 1949. At that time nearly 80% of...

Michael Zander QC
Emeritus professor

The Conservative Party Manifesto for the 2015 election included...
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Direct deeds of covenant: not worth the paper that they are written on, says Nicholas Roberts
20/11/2015 | Dr Nicholas Roberts | Read more
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Michael L Nash discusses DNA & disputed titles
20/11/2015 | Michael L Nash | Read more
REX/Action Press by Jan Kleijssen In the context of wishing to prevent abuse, there is a growing debate among policymakers on what constitutes freedom of expression, notably on the Internet. However...
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Since his appointment as Justice Secretary & Lord Chancellor in May this year, the Rt Hon Michael Gove has maintained a fairly low profile. Aside from his...