Survival of the fittest

Patrick Allen counts the costs of the Jackson & legal aid reforms

Access all areas?

Overriding lawyer-client & confidential communications is incompatible with...

Unfair relationships

Recent cases provide clarity but consumers lose out on agency provisions, say...


Patrick Allen
Senior partner

It is almost two years since the Jackson and legal aid changes...

Simon Blain
Senior associate

The Court of Appeal has expressed concern about the unforeseen...
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by David Cook Under Section 56 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), it will soon be a criminal offence for an employer or other third party to require a data subject to supply records obtained...
by John Scott QC This has been a busy time for those with an interest in penal reform. As crime rates drop, mass-incarcerators like the USA (and some much closer to home) are trying to work out how...