Revising the template

Stephen Ward explains why the traditional barrister expenses model is under...

Behind closed doors?

Thomas Garner examines the possibility of closed material procedures in...

Widening the pool

A more diverse judiciary requires a cultural change, says Geoffrey Bindman QC


Geoffrey Bindman QC
NLJ columnist

In April 2014 the Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan MP,...

Jon Lord
Principal costs lawyer

When I first started working in costs, a typical “costs...
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Ian Smith reflects upon the impact of recent employment law developments
28/11/2014 | Ian Smith | Read more
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New guidance has been issued on the use of ex parte orders, as Clive Thomas explains
28/11/2014 | Clive Thomas | Read more
Family lawyers need to keep costs proportionate warned Mostyn J in his recent decision in J v J. He was highly critical of the parties’ conduct, suggesting the parties’ representatives behaved as if...
By Dan Bunting Whatever else can be said about the war on terrorism, it has been hugely influential in the shaping of the law (statutory, common law and European). The latest proposal to come from...