Square pegs in round holes

The introduction of LLPs & ABSs has had unforeseen consequences for...

Taking sides

Jonathan Herring questions the family courts’ treatment of wilful children

A thorny issue

Human rights are the talk of the town, says Roger Smith


David Greene
NLJ consultant editor

The election is over bar the shouting and there is much shouting...

Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

Human rights are likely to dominate the early days of the...
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Ian Smith considers the common law on undiscovered misconduct & follows the developing law on early conciliation
22/5/2015 | Ian Smith | Read more
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Blood is not necessarily thicker than water where will validity is concerned, observes Emma Myers
22/5/2015 | Read more
The cases R (on the application of JK) v Registrar General for England and Wales [2015] EWHC 990 (Admin), [2015] All ER (D) 128 (Apr) Carpenter v Secretary of State for Justice [2015] EWHC 464 (Admin...
by Dan Bunting It is not just people that struggle to keep up with technology, but the law itself often lags behind. We have seen that on numerous occasions with the “Twitter prosecutions”, and had...