LIP service

Mark Solon highlights the potential pitfalls when litigants in person instruct...

Hands off!

A Bill of Rights is not to be messed with: Michael Zander on the Tory plan to...

Rising pressure

Nichola Evans raises questions over the court fee increase consultation


Athelstane Aamodt

José Mourinho caused a lot of controversy recently when he...

Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

Nova Scotia is about the size of Wales with less than a third of...
Andrew Lawson highlights the ambiguity surrounding the wording of the new fixed recoverable costs regime
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Alexander Bastin provides advice on how to avoid the service charge minefield
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The UK has the largest immigration detention estate in Europe, with approximately 30,000 individuals being detained under immigration powers over the course of the last year. The vast majority of...
As the Calais migrant crisis continues, Greg Ó Ceallaigh, barrister at Garden Court Chambers, explains the human rights obligations of member states involved. There were previously human rights...