The Supreme Court has preserved the estate in a case on whether the costs of a will dispute should be borne by the losing party, the estate of the deceased or the solicitor’s insurer.
Roderick Ramage discusses the property characteristics of “e-material” & shares a new precedent
12/9/2014 | Roderick Ramage
Simon Hills & Tom Metcalfe report on the implications of the new public procurement regime when setting up a mutual
8/8/2014 | Simon Hills, Tom Metcalfe
Professor Cooke & Luke Campbell report on the forthcoming Law Commission project on the law of wills
8/8/2014 | Elizabeth Cooke, Luke Campbell
Henrietta Mason & Paola Fudakowska provide an update on disputed probate cases
18/7/2014 | Henrietta Mason, Paola Fudakowska