Sophia Purkis & Leigh Callaway delve into the implications for ‘no oral modifications’ clauses in the fallout from MWB v Rock.
5/7/2018 | Sophia Purkis, Leigh Callaway
Draft rules fine-tuned after months of feedback
Michel Reznik explains why the Financial Services Tribunal will work for the financial services industry & ‘UK plc’
22/6/2018 | Michel Reznik
The Commercial Court has slated the conduct of a claimant as ‘arrogant and unacceptable’ in a judgment on a long-running dispute between two solicitors (Wilson v Sinclair & Ors & Emmott [2018] EWHC 1496 (Comm)).
An exceptional appeal; a purist’s outcome. Lessons from MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd v Rock Advertising Ltd by Clifford Darton, Sally Anne Blackmore & Samantha Dawkins
15/6/2018 | Clifford Darton, Sally Anne Blackmore, Samantha Dawkins