Identity politics

David Locke examines gender-identity & discrimination in healthcare

Still number one?

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A nation divided?

Could the Sewel Convention scupper Brexit, asks Michael Zander QC


Jon Robins
NLJ columnist

Lord Willy Bach was by his own account a late convert to the...

Ed Crosse

Legal services have been a major success story for the UK....
Francesca Kaye & Helen Whalley discuss breach of trust claims against solicitors
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Graham McPhie reports on resolving the tension between bankruptcy & pension rights
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On Tuesday 8 November 2016, Halsbury’s Law Exchange (HLE) hosted a panel discussion on the urgent topic of: “Women in Prison: is the justice system fit for purpose?” In the lead up to the panel...
In 2014 a Halsbury Law Exchange panel debated “Women in prison: is the penal system fit for purpose” – the answer to which was a resounding no. Despite panellist (the then MP) Simon Hughes committing...