The GDPR in the EEA—greater harmony or increased permitted divergence?

Liz Fitzsimons talks to Jenny Rayner about how EU member states are preparing...

Brexit manoeuvres

David Greene charts the progress of the UK’s transition out of Europe

Unravelling the legacy of abuse

Richard Scorer provides an update on the work of the Independent Inquiry into...


Patrick Allen
NLJ columnist

There are few reasons to be cheerful as we survey the...

David Greene
NLJ consultant editor

It is, of course, an old political trick to keep going on...
The new Lord Chancellor has a great chance to make equal access to justice a reality, as Geoffrey Bindman explains
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‘DDJ Goodliffe‘ of the Brexeter County Court fires a warning shot against recalcitrant lawyers & experts
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Spa justice; Charge queue; ‘Heridementary, my dear VO’; Post-judgment ‘lie’ discovery.
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Alex Cisneros asks whether extending jurisdiction to missing people will overstretch the Court of Protection
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