Electronic billing: fasten your seat belts

Claire Green predicts a turbulent start for the newly introduced electronic...

Cohabitation in 2017–18 (Pt 3)

In part three of this special series, David Burrows considers the property...

Succession rules

Royal births & royal marriages: legislation & tradition reign supreme,...


Jon Robins
NLJ columnist

As barristers return to man the metaphorical barricades to...

Steve Hynes

It appears that the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is having problems...
In the fourth of this special series on the GDPR, Rollits LLP turns the spotlight on the changes & challenges that still lie ahead as the Regulation rolls out
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This week: absence of non-mol statement; small claim expenses; counsels’ duty on drafting order; costs budgeting
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Nicholas Hill & Gus Baker report on pensions mis-selling, chicken & chips, ‘dubious advisers’, & a new wave of litigation
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Mark Sefton QC & Cecily Crampin discuss alienation, the residential user & Airbnb.
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Can a notice period start even when the employee has not read their dismissal letter? Charles Pigott investigates
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