Taking control

When does a person exercise significant influence or control over the...

Who is to judge?

Is it possible to achieve diversity on the bench, asks Ed Crosse

Data obligations

Charities must ensure that data is handled correctly, says Bethan Walsh


Roger Smith
NLJ columnist

The pace of technological innovation in legal services continues...
Does the recent Supreme Court decision in Ilott v Mitson [2017...
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The Brewster case has bolstered public sector pension rights of unmarried couples, but it is better to be prepared, says Caroline East
24/3/2017 | Caroline East | Read more
New challenge for lease costs; Saturday, Bloody Saturday; sniffing out a judicial interview & the magic of land registry address.
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At long last the saga has reached a conclusion. The Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the case of Ilott (Respondent) v The Blue Cross and others (Appellants) [2017] UKSC 17 on 15 March, a...
Thousands of vulnerable people with dementia and learning disabilities are being detained in hospitals and care homes without the appropriate checks, due to a law unfit for purpose according to the...