The Brexpert witness

Chris Pamplin takes a broad view of the possible implications for expert...

Inconvenient truths

The consultation on fixed recoverable costs in lower value clinical negligence...

Brexit & the three knights

David Greene doubts the validity of a gallant attempt to veto Brexit


David Greene
NLJ consultant editor

Wherever we turn it’s Brexit or Trump. Trump provides nightly...

Agata Usewicz

The timing of the Department of Health’s long-awaited...
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Jill Paterson & Thomas Jervis consider the High Court’s latest limitation decision
24/2/2017 | Jill Paterson, Thomas Jervis | Read more
The new approach adopted in Wilkes constitutes a practical & welcome way forward, says Alison McAdams
24/2/2017 | Alison McAdams | Read more
by Jon Robins Our prisons appear to be in a state of permanent crisis but what little we on the outside know about what goes inside our chaotic and violent jails owes little to journalists. Media...
By Steve Hynes Secretary of State for Justice, Liz Truss, recently announced that the government would soon confirm the time-table for the post legislative review of the Legal Aid Sentencing and...