Judicial review

Judge-led hearings, open to the public, should be held to reconsider Parole Board decisions on the release of prisoners, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has proposed.
Charles Enderby Smith examines the role of the independent reviewer in the IRHP review
25/8/2015 | Charles Enderby Smith
Dervla Simm & Telha Arshad address proportionality as a standalone ground for judicial review at common law
3/7/2015 | Dervla Simm, Telha Arshad
Judicial review is shaping up as a battle ground between the government and the judiciary, says Kerry Underwood
21/11/2014 | Kerry Underwood
Alec Samuels believes it’s a case of nothing dared nothing gained
17/10/2014 | Alec Samuels